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Photos from a cafe

A friend of mine came from Jacksonville to stay at the start of January. While here I just kept bugging her photos because I am a pain in the arse for things like that. So eventually she relented while we were travelling around Liverpool.

These are some quick portraits we did in a Cafe just down from the hotel and near the Cavern. Huge window meant lots of natural light so was very awesome and I love how they came out.

More self indulgent pictures

So bored at the weekend I thought Id get drunk and take more picks of me. Well. I hate pics of me, but even I think they are spiffing.

I prefer this one

But these are too bad either :

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Ack.. this thing is sorely lacking. I mainly update (if anything) at that soul sucking place - Facebook.. http://www.facebook.com/kitty.arisa - Just hit me up on there.

Anyway, tattoo finished.


and thats about all, apart from a new scary PT, a job promotion (now a project manager of sorts) and randomness that I cant quite explain *smiles*


A new year. A new leaf turned. Yeah probably not.

I got a wonderful new toy at xmas so went out for a walk and this is one of the images;

Hmm, need to learn more, but getting there.

Edit - so i added another one after playing under the cut.

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Bored bricks spawn Kitty's artwork!!

Tattoo 90%done

The tattoo 90% done. Just one more session - 30 minutes colouring and then random touch ups (where chairs attacked me last time) and then its done and finished....


Relaxed without life....

So I am currently sitting on the country house`s veranda in Avenal. My god its peaceful. Dont get me wrong, I feel more at home in a big city than I do in the country side, but sometimes it is damn nice just to sit back and relax without any modernisation.

Today I watched home made gokarts / soapbox cars race down a hill... With no regard for self preservation these brave (or stupid) country bumkins were having the time of there lives.. though short lived it may have been. It was awesome. I sat drinking espresso, water, beer and Peached iced tea to truly revel in the randomness. I can hear the radio now from the farm accross the way. This is truly out of the way of civilisation as I know it. It does me good to come back to this place. I should have done it many times over, but this is the first time in about 7 years.

The comment from everyone so far is "Tu es Grande".. well however it is spelt. When i left here last time I was a waif. So damn skinny... But looking at pics from today. FUck i really need to loose some stomach girth. So while writing this I am researching lots of things to get rid of it. So far the things I have come up with burn fat at a quicker rate causing liver and kidney failure (according to the class action lawsuites at least). No doubt these people were chugging down bottles... but still. Dont want to take that risk. So I can go on the much web publicesed Acai and other supplement for a giggle.

I wish i had a better camera with me. The sunset right now is a burnt orange... its stunning.. Wish my love was here to. Make this sofa just the right amount of snuggles.

When i get back i shall post some sanitised pics.. though i will leave you with these four:


Previous aforementioned cowgirl sketch

while still working on

(creating the gallery is being a pain... PHP is powerful, but evil...)

I thought I would post the cowgirl sketch.